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Author, Artist & Illustrator

J O Y  P E N T E R


Joy Penter was born in California and currently lives in San Diego with her husband and calico cat. Nurturing imagination in children through nature walks and fairy gardens has been a lifetime focus, along with her passion for painting canvases that reflect her love for color.

The Fairven Trilogy of books teaches courage, kindness, awareness of others, and respect for nature. Her books reflect her firm belief that planet Earth is to be shared and enjoyed by every single creature created by God. The first book, Vale of Springs, was published in 2021. The second book in the trilogy, Cobalt Seas, published in March 2022. The third book, Fleur Forest, will come out in 2023.

All books illustrated by Joy.


Latest Books

Vale of Springs Reviews

“Love this book and its message. This magical story took me on a journey to examine my response to good and evil, and the results of those decisions.”

Cobalt Seas Reviews

“What an absolutely delightful story, one that all ages can relate to. The descriptions are amazing and I loved the meaningfulness of finding strength in oneself.”

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