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Vale of Springs

A young and innocent prince is taken from his parents by a jealous and vengeful wizard who turns him into a mighty warrior-one with a heart of stone.

A wise and loving princess has her perfect world invaded by the evil prince and his mentor. Her rescue lies deep within the earth, laying on the bottom of an ancient wooden chest.

Enterprising elves, playful fairies, and industrious gnomes will each be tested as darkness envelopes their world, for they know not, nor have they a memory of, evil.

Will the talents and cleverness of the Vale citizens, along with the animals and birds that inhabit this otherworldly place, overcome the invading army of trolls and fairies? Will they discover their personal magic and inner strength so they might overcome the odious villains who have turned their world upside down?

This is a tale of hope. Hope that a hard and cold heart can be changed. Hope that we might summon courage needed during times of crises. Hope that the moon will always rise of an evening in the mystical Vale of Springs.

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Cobalt Seas

A Fairven Series Book

Cobalt Seas opens the door to a magical island world where extraordinary animals are living out their destinies. In this second book of the Fairven Series, Tharros must unlock the mysteries of complex and confusing enchantments, and discover his inner strength so he might be equipped to lead his tropical army in an epic battle with the evil sorcerer, Rotiart.

Kyba, Queen of the Rain Forest, is Prince Tharros’ mentor, an exotic white tiger and a powerfully gifted sorceress with a mysterious past. Phantom, a magnificent black panther, is the self-appointed guardian of a lovable sloth named Mo, and ultimately becomes the official protector of the prince himself. An elven girl, El, unexpectedly comes to the prince’s rescue. She, too, has an unknown past. By her side is the clever cat, Pix, the fastest feline in all the worlds. You’ll meet a noble rock, a violet-eyed baby elephant, a prideful peacock, and a treasure trove of additional animals who all find their own courage as they face a battle for the survival of their world. Hang on to your sorcerer’s hat because this book is an exciting ride!

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Look for the third book in the Fairview Trilogy,

Fleur Forest, slated to be released in 2023

Vale of Springs Reviews

“Love this book and its message. This magical story took me on a journey to examine my response to good and evil, and the results of those decisions.”

Cobalt Seas Reviews

“What an absolutely delightful story, one that all ages can relate to. The descriptions are amazing and I loved the meaningfulness of finding strength in oneself.”

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